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Date: April 2023

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Today's Curiosity / Papier Mache

I was looking through some of my bookmarks and was reminded of seeing this artist's work featured in a Colossal article a little while ago; nostalgic everyday items, crafted using papier mache by artist Bernie Kaminski.

The medium really does make these something special, IMO, as the layers of papier mache look so tactile! And the nostalgic subject matter combined with that sense of touch really does seem comforting in a way that's difficult to describe. (a landline phone and phone books definitely bring back childhood memories for me!)

If you'd like a closer look at these pieces, take a look at the links below.

Link to article on Colossal: From Junk Drawers to Phone Books, Artist Bernie Kaminski Captures the Nostalgia of Banal Items Through Papier-Mâché.

You can also see more of Kaminski's work on his Instagram, or in a couple more articles I found today:

Link: It's Nice That: Bernie Kaminski’s paper mâché creations showcase the joy of art imitating life
Link: The Family Reviews: interview with Bernie Kaminski

Date: April 2023

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Oh wow

Hello, Neocities! Thinking about curiosity and a slower, more thoughtful, less worried way of being on the internet.

Thank you very much to Repth on Neocities for this beautiful theme, and making it available to everyone. ♡ I may in time cave and change to a responsive one, but for now this theme is so wonderful that I've fought that instinct..!

Got my new favourite Under Construction friend from this amazing page: Every Under Construction Gif

Date: April 2023

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Today's Curiosity / Test Post

Box with portraits of two sisters: Miniature by Continental Painter, ca.1800. Link: Metropolitan Museum

I wonder who these girls were, and how their lives turned out?